Project Management Office

Using project management for IT projects offers a multitude of benefits that can help ensure successful project delivery.

Project management provides a structured approach to IT project management, enabling teams to work towards a clear set of objectives and goals.

This helps to minimize the risk of project failure and ensures that projects are delivered within scope, on time, and within budget.

Initiating and Planning

At the start of each project, we hold a project kickoff meeting(s), where we assign project team members and identify key stakeholders. From there, we create project documents, confirm the overall schedule, order necessary materials, and define what the overall success of the project looks like.


During the execution phase, our team stages and configures devices, performs quality and system checks, follows installation MOP and implementation plans, performs migration and post-migration testing, all while keeping your team up-to-date with the project status.

Monitoring and Controlling

Once all execution has taken place, our engineers measure project performance according to the initial scope and plan. If necessary, we implement the change management process. During this time, we also review the timeline and budget before releasing all project invoicing.

Project Closing

At the end of each project, we provide final project documentation and hold a lessons-learned session with your team. We then complete final invoicing for all deliverables, freight, and necessary travel expenses before obtaining project completion acceptance.

Project Management Benefits

Discover the numerous benefits of utilizing a PMO in your organization.

Improved project outcomes

A PMO provides a structured approach to project management, ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality. This helps to minimize the risk of project failure and guarantees your organization's objectives are met.

Increased efficiency

Our PMO provides a centralized location for project management activities, allowing for greater coordination and communication across departments. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced duplication of effort, and a more streamlined approach to project management.

Increased stakeholder satisfaction

A PMO ensures that projects are aligned with organizational objectives and stakeholder expectations. This helps to ensure that stakeholder satisfaction is maximized, leading to improved customer loyalty and increased business success.