Cybersecurity Services

We are your outsourced security experts. By staying up to date on current trends, threats, and industry compliance, we ensure you have the best protection for your business and all of your security needs are met. 

Protect your business from hackers and cyber criminals with our cybersecurity services. Our team of experts are here to guide you through day-to-day security issues and implementing long-term strategies.

Endpoint Protection

Our sophisticated endpoint detection and response solutions ensure your devices are protected against modern attacks.

Email Security

Email is one of the most targeted attack vectors. Protect your business from phishing attacks and malware with our email security solutions. 

Security Awareness

Employee awareness is an effective front line defense in cybersecurity. We offer security training services to educate your staff and give you the upper hand against attacks.


Device encryption locks the data stored on your device(s) to protect against exportation in the unfortunate event a device has been misplaced or stolen. Protect your devices today. 

Protect Your Temple!

Continuous inspection and improvement is what differentiates good companies from bad. Below are a few ways we can help your business add that extra layer of protection, and ensure your company and clients' data is safe and secure. 

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a less involved process that identifies potential "holes" in your network. We often recommend going through a series of vulnerability scans and remediation exercises before running a full-blown penetration test. This ensures the data provided from the pen-test will provide the most value to your business.

Penetration Testing

Regular penetration testing can help improve your security on many levels. We partner with some of the best security experts and vendors in the industry to make sure your networks are safe and secure. Understanding how hackers can get into your network can help you identify security risks and avoid costly data breaches.

Strategic Planning

Cybersecurity is a complex equation with many moving parts. Think of our team as an extension of your organization. We are here to outline your cybersecurity plan, conduct comprehensive reviews, and fully execute each step with little to no disruption in your every-day routine. Many businesses do not know where to start so they end up doing nothing. Don't let your system security get stale. Contact us for a consulting call today.