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We build solutions that are not only based on industry best practices, but also on our nearly 20 years of experience supporting small and medium sized businesses just like yours.


From common threats to sophisticated targeted cyberattacks, our managed network security services combine elite threat intelligence, advanced detection technology, and expert security analyst coverage 24×7 to protect your network.

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We exist to serve you! Our teams work 24/7/365 to make sure that your IT environment is secure, safe, and available at all times. We’re here when you need us. We prevent downtime before you even know it is happening.

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We are a problem solving, efficiency focused IT company focusing our solutions in the SMB space by providing leading-edge technology solutions. We were formed with the aim of assisting organizations in using modern technology with a close relationship and continual personal interaction between our staff and the client.

Temple has been providing custom solutions for over 20 years for our clients in both the public, private, and government sectors. Our customers operate in many industries including Manufacturing, law, retail, accounting, sales, banking and corporate.

We are a customer service and technology focused firm that specializes in creating systems driven efficiency for your business.
We take the time to find the right solution for your business based on years of experience in the industry. No longer is having a professional IT company out of reach, we have made this luxury affordable.
We guarantee to provide the right solution based on your need, budget, and current environment, while working closely with your in house IT Department.


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It has been 2 years since our transition and Temple continues to provide guidance, answer questions as well as educate our IT Team when more complex issues arise. I don’t know of many companies today that would continue to provide the kind of service they have for our organization.

Scott Pearson

In 2016 our business was sold. The new owners provided their own internal IT solutions. Temple & Associates were extremely detailed and professional during our transition. When most Companies wouldn’t give you the time of day, the Team at Temple made sure the new group was armed with the information they would need to maintain and provide service for our system.

Scott Pearson

Over the years I have been thoroughly impressed with the knowledge, service and professionalism by those working for Temple & Associates. Their Team is responsible for developing a system and infrastructure which allowed us to focus our attention on growing and expanding the business.

Scott Pearson