ConnectWise – Log In

Welcome to our automated service desk!

Because we want our service desk to be available whenever you are, we have provided an online service desk named ConnectWise.

ConnectWise is pre-configured with our client accounts. If you do not have an ConnectWise account with Temple, please contact us and we’ll set one up for you!

After you login with your username and password, you will be brought to the ConnectWise Home page. This Dashboard is your central hub from which you can check the progress of all the service tickets that have been initiated for your account.

From the Dashboard you can :

  • View all your Service Tickets (Tickets tab) or Projects (Projects tab) etc…
  • Submit a service desk ticket (Tickets tab)
  • Search service tickets (Tickets tab)
  • View outstanding invoices (Account tab)

Much more…

The process to enter a new ticket is simple. Select “Tickets” tab, click “Create Ticket” and your browser will open a new service ticket window. You can type in your question or request or select from the pre-defined issues by scrolling using the “<” or “>” arrows until you find one that matches or is close to your concern.

New Ticket

Enter the following information:

  • The Title for the ticket.
  • A Problem Description of the ticket.
  • A Due Date if this is a critical issue which must be completed by a certain date.
  • Check Emergency box if appropriate.
  • Verify your contact details so we can respond to this ticket.
  • Select Submit button in lower right hand corner.

Ticket List

When the “Submit” button is clicked, your ticket view will be updated with the ticket information. At the same time, the Temple service staff are notified about the new service request. Based on the information provided in the ticket, a Temple engineer may be dispatched or a service representative will make contact to determine the most appropriate next steps.

Ticket Details

By selecting the ticket of interest, you can Sign Off on a request, Change the Status of a service ticket, Submit your added discussion notes, attach documents, change the resolution status and Print.

Change User Account Information

By selecting “My Account”  at the top right of the Portal screen next to your name, your details can be seen and updated including your Portal login password.