A Vital Link for Your Business

The desktop is one of the most important pieces of equipment you have in your office. With the ability to run your business applications, it is the primary vehicle through which your knowledge workers achieve their business goals. Temple can support the entire life-cycle of your IT resources. From product acquisition to disposal, Temple provides customized desktop services based on the nuances of your environment and the technical capabilities of your end-users.

To help your staff use, manage, and interact with technology, Temple offers the following services:

Technical Support. It’s the Temple support engineers to the rescue when your printers, servers, desktops, or laptops require break/fix services. Hardware & software upgrades (hard drive installation, memory upgrade, OS and software updates, etc).

Security support. your system may be inadvertantly infected through day-to-day operations. We can help minimize the threat posed by viruses and malware as well as work with you to establish preventative measures to keep your desktop secure.

Relocation services. Rolling-out a new operating system? Moving to a new location? Temple can help you set up new machines and transition computers to different users by documenting all appropriate information, physically installing the hardware and software, and training the end-user on their new system.